Bull in a stroller shop

Last November, our trusty stroller, which we had gotten before Benjamin was born, broke and had to be replaced.  Taking on a task like selecting and purchasing a new stroller, in German, and with a nearly unrecognizable selection of styles and models, was a pretty massive challenge.  Liam was just barely one, though, so we didn’t really have an option — we weren’t going to easily make it through the rest of our time here (especially without a car) without a convenient “single” stroller to complement our very functional, but also very bulky, double stroller.

Well, it’s happened again.  Our “new” stroller broke today, and we’re suddenly in the market for a new one.  Again.

I blame Dan (almost) entirely.  He’s pretty rough on strollers.  His mentality is, “if it won’t go, just push it harder”.  He was rough on the first one, and then again on this second one.  It lasted just over a year.

Granted, because we are without a car, and we walk everywhere, it had a year of very intense use.  That stroller travelled with us to 6 different countries, on trains, busses, planes, trams and in the trunks/boots of various cars.  It went to the top of a mountain in the Alps and to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  It’s been busy.  And, through all of it, the daily concussion of the cobblestones, as well as the all-too-often misjudged curb heights (which cause us to slam our entire moving weight onto the handle), were probably the most destructive.

But, whatever the cause, here we are again — a highly stroller-dependent family without an easy stroller to use.  The stroller shops aren’t open again until Monday, so we’ll go shopping then.  On the plus side, Liam, who is now over 2, is much more mobile without one (although we’re not quite yet to the point of not needing one at all).  I’m sure we’ll find something good.  In the meantime, it’s a lot of walking (and carrying of children) for everyone.  Curses to Dan and his cavalier stroller attitude!  (Actually, I’ll cancel the curses, and just make him carry the kids.  That’ll work.)

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