The privilege of parenting

One day, my boys will be grown up — they will be men.  They’ll have jobs, hobbies and friends.  They’ll have neighbors and coworkers.  They may also be fathers and/or husbands.  Wherever life takes them, they’ll grow up, and be out in the world, and everyone will interact with them as the adults they will be.

But right now, they’re my little boys, and I have the privilege of seeing them as children.  I get to celebrate their milestones and victories.  I get to look at drawings, hear about their dreams, kiss their boo-boos and guide them through their first, tentative steps towards independence.  There will be a time when snuggles and kisses from Mommy are embarrassing and unwelcome (at least in front of their friends), but, for now, I get to cuddle up with them every day.

No matter what the future holds for them, I will always have the honor of having witnessed these precious moments.  I feel so lucky to be their mom.

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