Here come the lights!

Today was a very grey day in Vienna — we get a lot of those this time of year.  The sun rises late (after 7:00 in the morning), sets early (just after 4:00) and the weather couldn’t decide whether to be rainy or just very overcast.  We had lights on in the house all day, and it creates a very strange feeling of having no idea what time it is, nearly all day long.

I’m so grateful that this is the time of year that Vienna starts to turn on its Christmas lights.  Walking to my German lesson this evening, before dinnertime but hours after dark had completely settled over the city, my path was lit the entire way by huge cylindrical chandeliers of twinkling white lights.  The streets, the shop fronts and the parks are all starting to glow and brighten the evenings, and some of the biggest displays in the city aren’t even on yet.  Soon, the whole city will be festive and bright, all through Advent and until the New Year.  I love it.  It turns every evening excursion into a festive adventure.

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