Going out

So, a Canadian, an Austrian, a Brit and two Americans walk into a movie theater . . . But it’s not the beginning to a bad joke, it’s actually what we did this evening when we went out with a few of Dan’s coworkers to see a movie.

We almost never go out. Before leaving the U.S., we relied on my mom as our main babysitter, but since we’ve been here, we’ve only had a few chances to go out, just Dan & I. With Jo being here, we took the opportunity.

And we had a great time. It was nice to go out, it was nice to be with other grown ups. It was so nice to watch a movie whose stars weren’t animated cars (nothing against Lightning McQueen). We saw the new James Bond movie, we had popcorn, and we got to see the whole movie (in English, even!) without interruption. It was a fantastic evening, and we are really grateful to Jo for helping us make it happen.

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