Making lanterns

Every time we’ve been invited to B’s school for a Parents Night or a Family Night, we’ve had a great time, and we had another lovely time this evening. Tonight they had the families come and help the kids make and decorate lanterns for the annual Lantern Night (celebrating St. Martin) which will happen next week.

20121029-213338.jpgWe all got to go tonight — me, Dan, Benjamin, Liam and Jo. Benjamin decided he wanted an orange lantern, and we all helped him paint it, and decorate it with a few paper pumpkins and some more paint (red this time). Benjamin also gave us a mini-tour of his classroom (focusing mainly on the cars he likes to play with).

20121029-213351.jpgIt was a lot of fun to do some messy arts and crafts with B and Liam, and really nice to see how well B has settled into school and how easily he handles transitioning between English and German. It was fun for us because we were able to actually socialize a bit with the other parents for the first time, and with three adults for the two kids, it was significantly less exhausting than usual.

We had a great night, and now we’re especially looking forward to Lantern Fest next week, because we’ll all get to see to see the fruits of the kids’ (and the adults’) hard work!

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