It’s a wonderful life

I didn’t have a date to the prom in high school.  It was very nearly 20 years ago at this point, and it still bugs me.  I went anyway, and I had a great time.  But, every so often, I think about it, and it gets to me.

When I was home over the summer, I mentioned this to my brother, Peter, who looked at me like I had sprouted a second head and said, “WHAT are you talking about.  Look how great your life is turning out.  Don’t even talk about something like that.”

And, he’s absolutely right.  My life is fantastic.  I have two beautiful, amazing, healthy, happy children.  I live in Europe.  We travel.  I have a loving, hard-working husband who takes wonderful care of our children and who supports me in staying home to be with the kids.  I have a wonderful, loving, kind, generous, super fantastic family who I miss terribly.  I may have the world’s best dog.  I have amazing, loving friends on both sides of the ocean.  We have everything we need and many things that we want.  I have never, ever had to worry about whether or not my kids will have food to eat, gifts to open on Christmas morning or a safe place to sleep.  (And HOW have I wasted even one minute of my energy thinking about my lack of a prom date?!?)

Yesterday, I went out to shop for Liam’s birthday (which is tomorrow) and the process of selecting and purchasing gifts for him was blissfully fun and free from stress or worry.  I walked out of the store, so grateful for the ability to do something like that for him, and truly aware of all of the blessings I have in my life that make it possible.

I am so lucky.  I am so fortunate.  My life is so very good.  I will remember to appreciate all of it.  (And if anyone catches me griping about the prom, please remind me that I’m being ridiculous.)

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