Sick on vacation

We were on our way from the beautiful Lake Distrct up to Oban in Scotland when B announced he was feeling sick. We pulled over at the first opportunity, but it was too late — he threw up in the car, all over himself. (My poor guy.)

We pulled in to the parking lot of an inn to get us all cleaned up, but after that, we weren’t sure how to proceed. We’d only been on the road for about 15 minutes of a 4 hour drive. We didn’t want to torture B with a long car drive, but maybe it was just a one time thing — we didn’t know if wanted to radically alter our travel plans for a single vomiting incident.

So, we continued on. Twice, he said he was going to be sick, we pulled over, but nothing happened. The third time, he was right, and we decided to rewrite our plan for the day. We pulled over at the next exit and looked for a hotel.

We made it to Scotland (but just barely — we’re 20 miles over the border, in Lockerbie) and we still would have had 3 hours ahead of us to reach our goal. After checking in to our hotel, B continued to be sick, and he was pretty miserable. We think we made the right choice. It’s a bummer to have to pay for two hotels for one night, and it’s even more of a bummer to miss out on an exciting part of our trip — we’ve decided to bypass our western Scotland portion of our trip and just head to Edinburgh tomorrow (assuming we’re all feeling ok).

One of the kids who lives at the farm where we were just staying was sick last night, and he got better in about 12 hours, so we’re hopeful that B will follow the same course.

I know this is the right choice as a mom, but I still can’t help being wistful about the day we had planned (and our day tomorrow, which also has to change). Mostly, though, I just want B to feel better (and I hope Liam doesn’t get sick, too).

For tonight, we’ll keep sitting by our window and looking at Lockerbie (which mostly means watching the sheep and trains go by). We’re happy and cozy all together, and B is resting. It isn’t the vacation day I envisioned, but it’s got all the important parts.

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