London: so far, so good

Taking a trip to a new destination is always a gamble. Looking around for flights, hotels or other destinations on the internet is great, and really helpful, but you never know what it’s going to be like until you get there.

Flying to London today, we used an airline we’d never used before. We didn’t know much about our hotel — in fact, we’d never been to London before, so we really didn’t know what to expect.

So far, so good.

Our experience of flying EasyJet (the UK’s version of Southwest, complete with no assigned seats and additionally, serious baggage restrictions) was excellent. It was definitely a no frills flight (B was disappointed by the lack of snacks and tv), but we arrived safely. (B befriended a family in the ticket line who accompanied us throughout our flight, and were thoroughly charmed by him.)

As it turns out, we were the only Americans on our entire flight, and one of only two families from outside of Europe. It was very lonely in the “all other passports” line.

We took an expensive (but fast, and very posh) train from Gatwick into the city. The train terminal at Gatwick was sprawling and confusing, but we made it!

20120831-230857.jpgOur hotel, the Luna Simone, in the Belgrave area near Victoria, is nice, and clean, but kind of small (glad we don’t plan on using our room for much other than sleeping, showers and naps).

But, other than grabbing a quick bite down the block and ending our evening with a quick stroll (during which, both kids fell asleep), we don’t really know what London has in store for us. Getting here took a lot of energy, but our London adventure truly begins tomorrow.

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