A new Olympic perspective

I love watching the Olympics. I’m amazed by the physical strength, mental fortitude and single-mindedness of the athletes. I’m moved by their stories and inspired by their dedication.

As a mom, it hits me harder. I can barely watch a single competition without tearing up. Every story is the story of someone’s child, drawn to invest so much of their life in the pursuit of a dream, culminating in a single moment. For the victors, for the rest, for all the families, these are poignant times, lived in front of the entire world. It gets to me.

This time, I’m different, though. I’m more a citizen of the world than I ever have been. The world is smaller now, to my mind, than I ever understood it to be before. And, I have two countries to cheer for now (but I think the Austrians are more a force to be reckoned with in the winter).

Benjamin, too, is bigger now. He’s just the right age to be captivated by these Games. He might see something that enthralls him and inspires a lifelong passion of his own.

He’s already told us that he’s sure he’s faster than Usain Bolt, so he’s already got his competitive spirit ready.

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