Benjin turns 4

To my Benjamin:
Last Wednesday, you turned 4. The time has passed so quickly. I can’t believe you’re already so big — that you’re talking to us about big subjects, learning major new skills and traveling the world. What an amazing guy you are. I also can’t believe that i’ve only known you for 4 years — I feel like i’ve known you forever. It’s hard for me to remember what my life was like before you.

I love you so much. Every day with you feels like such an amazing gift. I can’t believe I have the incredible good fortune to be your mom. I am so grateful and so happy.

This year, you’ve grown up so much. You’ve started school (which had a rocky beginning but turned out great). You’ve travelled in Europe and back to the US – twice. You become even more of a wonderful kid every day and you are the best big brother I know. You constantly delight and astonish me with the things you remember, notice and think about. You are so kind and sweet and loving to all of us. You are learning and growing and being a great guy every day. You are so brave, so thoughtful, so enthusiastic, and you give amazing hugs.

I love watching you conquer new challenges. You learned to ride a pedal bike (no training wheels) in one evening. You had your first surfing lesson on your birthday. (You had a great time with your Uncle Adam.)

You are amazingly wise. You see so much about the world around you — more than most people (of any age). You feel things very deeply — but even now, you’re already becoming very understanding and capable of handling frustration and disappointment when they come your way. (The other day, you were eating a popsicle and dropped it as we were crossing a busy street. You looked at Grandma, who was holding your hand, and said, “That’s ok. Sometimes that happens and sometimes it doesn’t”.) You ask the best questions, and you really want to understand the answers.

You love to be with Liam. You are so thoughtful, and so often you are looking out for him (even though he bugs you sometimes). You love to share with him (most of the time), snuggle with him, and play together. He loves you so much. (And he tries to be just like you all the time.)

You love to play with cars, ride bikes, play video games and race around. You love to be outside. You love to play with Bailey. I love hearing you spell your name (or Liam’s), hearing you count up very high and read me letters and numbers wherever you see them. You also “read” many of your favorite books (at this point, I think you’ve memorized them, but you always get it exactly right). You can learn and sing songs you’ve heard only once, too. (You’re kind of amazing, kid.)

I am so happy that I get to be your mom. I would not change a single thing about you, and being around you inspires me, brings me peace and makes me smile.

I get to spend every day with you. I am the luckiest mommy ever. Happy birthday, my darling child.


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