A long field trip makes a happy child

A couple of weeks ago, Benjamin’s whole school went on a big end-of-the-year trip.  From the descriptions and the pictures, it seems like they had a great time.  (There were pony rides!)  Alas, B wasn’t able to go — he was way too sick that week.

He’s been a little sad about it ever since.  Not constantly or anything, but he’s asked several times if “today” is the day of the field trip (to which I remind him that it already happened) and has commented a few times that he didn’t get to go because he wasn’t feeling too well.

Poor guy.  I know how disappointing it is to miss out on something you were looking forward to, even for a good reason.


Yesterday, though, he got to go on a field trip with his class, to a nearby botanical garden.  And he was SO happy about it.

It does sound like a fun day.  They took the bus and the train (he got a seat both times, which was apparently worthy of note).  He dug in a sandbox, played soccer and played on the slide (he climbed up the slide part and then slid down, rather than climbing up the ladder — that was pretty fun, since I usually discourage that).  They played in a maze, saw lots of animals and got to watch bees making honey.

He had a fantastic time.  He came home worn out and happy.


I’m so glad he got to go.  It was a highlight of his educational experience so far.  The best part, though?  Having lunch with his friends.  (Usually, we pick him up at noon, which is before lunch is served.  Yesterday, they were out until 3:00, which means he got to join everyone for lunchtime.)  Back in September, I wasn’t sure I’d ever see a day when staying longer at school would be a good thing.  I’m so happy he’s having such a good time.

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