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We’re going home to the US for a visit this summer.  We’re making a stop in Florida to visit with my in-laws and then we’re going to Maryland to see my side of the family.  We’re also taking a family trip to the beach in Delaware.  There will be many opportunities for swimming — Dan’s parents have a pool in their backyard and a condo on the beach, and then, of course, we’ll also be at the beach in Delaware.

I love to swim.  Dan loves to swim.  The kids don’t know how yet.  This stresses me out –a lot.  All of our upcoming water exposure will be a great opportunity to work on teaching the boys to swim, but, of course, it also worries me.  Having two bold, adventurous, exuberant boys (one of whom is also fearless) near water, when they don’t actually know how to handle it, freaks me out.  It literally gives me nightmares.

I know the best protection against the things that I fear is 1) to watch the children 100% of the time whenever they’re near the water 2) to make sure they appreciate (as much as is possible) how seriously they should take themselves around water and 3) to teach them how to swim and float.  We are working on all of these things.

Don’t worry, though — my boys are ready to take on that third part themselves.

The other night in the bathtub, as the water was draining out, Benjamin turned to Liam and said, “Liam!  Let’s practice on our swimming!” and they both flipped over and laid down on their tummies in the tub, side by side, and started kicking and splashing.

I know that this isn’t *actually* functional swim practice, and I’m not lulled into any sense of complacency by it, but it is super cute.  I’ve been explaining to Benjamin that he has to learn how to swim, and that we’re going to be working on it this summer.  He is very diligently working towards that end.  He even practices holding his breath (although he won’t put his face in the water yet — we’ll get there).

We’ll definitely get some swimming practice in this summer (and if we’re really lucky, we’ll get some before that, too).  But my boys are on it.  They’re “practicing on their swimming”. They are so cute.

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