Movie afternoon

We are all worn out.  We had a lovely day yesterday, but we did too much, we stayed out too long.  That seems to be true of all long weekends — I think I always overestimate what is reasonable to do or accomplish and we end up finishing the weekend completely exhausted with little energy to get through the coming week.  Rather than going into our week refreshed and recharged, we go into the week counting down the minutes until the next weekend.

That’s what today was like.  We all really enjoyed our long (4 day) weekend:  we cleaned the house, we visited with friends, we took a day trip, we hunted for Easter Eggs.  And today, we had no energy left.  We got through our morning pretty well:  B got to school, Dan got to work, Liam & I ran some errands.  But then, nap time was a bust (very short for B and non-existent for Liam, which, oddly seems to be the rule rather than the exception on these days where we’re all so tired) so I threw in the towel and decided that rather than attempt to have a stimulating afternoon of activities and playing together, we were going to have movie afternoon.

“Movie night” in our house is typically at whole-family Friday night affair.  Today, it was just me and the boys, but I did it right — I made popcorn (Benjamin helped me) and then we all snuggled up on the futon together (still set up like a bed from Mina’s visit).  For our “real” movie night, we don’t let the boys wander around or get riled up playing with toys, but today was just “movie afternoon”, so none of the usual rules applied.  Mostly, we got to snuggle together and eat popcorn while we watched “Cars” (which we all could recite from memory, so it doesn’t require a lot of attention).  When the kids played, they still needed a lot of my involvement — their energy levels are really low, which means their tempers are short and they are quick to frustration.  But even so, it was a relatively peaceful day.

Even with an afternoon of no real activity, I’m exhausted.  I hope tomorrow gives me a chance to recuperate.  How long until Friday?

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