Snow on Easter Sunday

Last night, we put a treat and a note out for the Easter Bunny, in anticipation of his visit.  Benjamin wanted me to write, “Dear Easter Bunny, thank you for finding us in Austria.”  Yes, the Easter Bunny did a good job and found us all the way over here in Europe (pretty impressive for a bunny).

B woke up first this morning, and groggily pointed at his basket — “Look Mommy!  Easter Bunny finger puppets!”  (He and Liam each had one.)  They also had chocolate bunnies and eggs (the first time we’ve — I mean, the first time the Easter Bunny has — given the boys chocolate on Easter).

There was also a note from the Easter Bunny, explaining that he had left toys and more eggs hidden in the living room.  B woke Liam up and began the search.

I love watching my boys together.  I particularly love watching them be wonderful, sweet brothers to each other.  When Benjamin found the first egg, he immediately ran over to Liam to show it to him.  And then, when he found the first toy (a duck for the bath), he took it to Liam and said, “Look, Liam, a duck for you!”

Honestly, that’s it — my favorite moment of the day and one of my favorite moments EVER.  My sweet Benjamin, upon finding the very first toy left by the Easter Bunny, ran over and gave it to his little brother.  That’s one of those “I can retire as a parent now” moments.

They continued the hunt throughout the morning — they quickly found some of the ones I thought would be hard to find and walked past one egg that was in plain sight for *hours* before Liam finally found it.

We had a great day — we all ate too much chocolate, we all took long naps, we went for a walk in the cold and blustery weather, we Skyped family from home.  And it even snowed a little today.  (Not a lot, but still.)  It was a good, happy Easter Sunday here in Vienna . . . but in our house it wasn’t so much “Easter in Vienna” as it was just Easter — it was a great day.

Easter snow!

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