Surreality at Starbucks

We went out to do some more Christmas shopping this morning (the fact that I have yet to send any gifts back home is really starting to concern me, so my goals for this weekend were to get as much shopping done as possible on Saturday and get as many things wrapped and packed to ship on Sunday).  On our way back, we walked past a Starbucks and decided to go in for some warm, caffeinated, holiday goodness.

We stood in line, placed our order and waited.  I absentmindedly started humming along with the “muzak” that was playing . . . and then suddenly realized that I was humming a muzak version of “My Favorite Things” . . . from the Sound of Music . . . while standing in Starbucks . . . in Vienna.

There was something very strange about that.  Hearing a muzaked version of a song from an American musical about Austria while standing in a very American establishment located in the heart of the Austrian capital.

It was very disconcerting.  It was exactly the experience I think I would have if I were having a dream about going Christmas shopping in Vienna, but not something I would actually have expected to experience.  It was weird.  It freaked me out a little.

(I think Dan failed to appreciate why I found this so strange, so maybe it’s just me.)