Christmas pajamas

Shortly after becoming a mom, I inadvertently started a Christmas tradition with my kids.  Every year, I buy them a new set of Christmas pajamas (at least, that’s the idea — I think they’ve each ended up with at least two sets every Christmas so far).  I didn’t set out to create a tradition, I just really love Christmas pajamas (actually Christmas clothes of any kind).  It wasn’t until this year, when I almost didn’t buy them, that I realized I’d been doing it all along without thinking about it.  They’re like Advent pajamas — I get them out after Thanksgiving, and they’re another fun part of anticipating the holiday and enjoying the season.  And, seeing them dressed in their fleece or flannel coziness on Christmas morning is just another warm & fuzzy aspect of the holiday.

This is our fourth year of Christmas pajamas, and I’ve grown really fond of the tradition.  This year, Benjamin helped me pick out the pajamas I got for Liam, which added another nice aspect to it.  I can imagine us continuing this tradition over the years to come, until both boys are old enough to roll their eyes about it (but secretly look forward to it).

With my boys in their Christmas pjs, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, even though our decorations aren’t up yet.  We’ve gotten all of our Christmas stories out, too, so bedtime is really becoming quite festive.  This year, we’re going to add yet another set of traditions to our family, with the addition of St. Nicholas and some of the Austrian aspects of celebrating Christmas.  I love our family traditions that we already have, and I can’t wait to see what new pieces we add this year.