Big brother Benjamin

A year ago tomorrow, Liam joined our family.  That was the day that Benjamin became a big brother.  It is so much a part of who he is, I can’t believe he’s only been a brother for a year.

We celebrated Liam’s birthday today (well, part of the celebration — the rest comes on Friday) and Benjamin helped with nearly every part.  He helped me choose the gifts that we ordered a week ago.  He helped me choose the gifts we purchased yesterday — he even helped me carry those around the store, and then carry them home.  This morning, he helped me bake and decorate Liam’s cake.  (He also helped blow out the candles.)  He helped me wrap the gifts, decorate the cards and set the gifts out for Liam to open.  (Then, of course, he helped Liam to open and play with his toys.)  For days, he’s been asking every few hours:  “Is it Liam’s birthday yet?  Is Liam 1 yet?”  I thought he was focused on the cake and the presents — be he kept asking, even after the celebration was done.


This only describes a little of how wonderful Benjamin is to Liam.  He loves him so much.  He looks out for him — he retrieves pacifiers and toys for him, he worries when he’s upset, he consoles him when he cries.  He wants to be around Liam — he wants to play with him, go out together, cuddle together.  He kisses him, hugs him, helps him, looks for him, smiles at him.  They are wonderfully sweet together.

There are, naturally, times where I think Benjamin would like it if we could put Liam away for a little while.  Liam likes all the same things Benjamin does (of course) and often “messes up” whatever Benjamin is playing with or the way he is playing.  Benjamin’s frustration doesn’t last for long though, and it doesn’t affect the way he really feels about his brother.  They are best friends.

119Benjamin, you amaze me.  You are capable of many things not expected of someone your age.  Before Liam arrived in our lives, I actually used to worry about whether you two would get along — whether you would be happy having a little brother.  My worries were needless.  Since the moment you met him, you have loved your brother.  You are kind, loving, caring, generous, sweet — you are all of those things even more towards Liam.  Being a big brother came as naturally to you as did everything else that makes you who you are:  being thoughtful, learning quickly, being fast and strong and agile.  He wants so much to be like you.  Thank you, my sweet baby, for welcoming little Liam into our lives.  Thank you for being your wonderful self.

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