We have air conditioning.  Dan went out and bought a one-room air conditioner with a big tube that vents to the outside.  It’s awesome.  Before it arrived, it got up to 91 degrees inside my house today.  It’s now down to an amazingly comfortable 84 — it’s 88 outside, at 11 pm, as a comparison.  (And to think, I used to feel so hot when I would visit my in-laws in Florida and they would set the thermostat to 78!)

There was record breaking heat in Vienna today.  The boys and I made plans to meet a friend and her son (Benjamin’s age) to go swimming and try and beat the heat.  Just getting all of our stuff together and getting out the door took just about all of the energy I had allocated for today.  Then we took the wrong bus, had to walk a long way in the sun and the heat, and then, of course, when we got there, Benjamin wanted absolutely nothing to do with the water.  Sigh.  So, we stayed about 20 minutes and went back to my friend’s house (with air conditioning!) so the boys could hang out and play.  By the time we got home, I had a coating of salt on my face from sweating.  (Ick.)

We had a very nice (if very hot) day.  The heat doesn’t last here the same way it does at home, though — less than 10 days ago, we had a high temperature in the 50s, and by tomorrow night, it will get down to almost 60, so I think we’ll be able to give our new a/c unit the night off.

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