We’ve been here just over two months.  I didn’t really see it happen, but somewhere along the way, we got settled here.  Life is getting into a (new) routine and most of our creature comforts have gotten sorted out.  I am starting to have places I “usually” go, and I’m finding I need to go digging in the suitcases less and less.  We’ve come a long way.

When I think back over the past few months, it’s really amazing to me how good we have things right now.  We are sleeping on an actual bed (OUR actual bed), the kids are in their own cribs, we have a functional place to change diapers, we have a full kitchen (which we regularly use to cook our meals), we have two strollers to choose between for our outings, we have a selection of clothes for ourselves and the kids, we have a bathtub for Benjamin and a baby bath for Liam, the kids have all of their toys and space to use them, we can wash our own laundry (and dry it), we have our Austrian IDs, a bank account and train passes, we have tables, chairs, a booster seat and a high chair, I know where the grocery store is, where to get coffee, donuts and ice cream, we’ve discovered a pizza place that we love, and Dan actually got paid last week, and it’s (almost) enough to cover all of our bills for this month.  Oh, and now I have a fan.

We still have things to do, to be sure, but we are unpacking, organizing and cleaning in comfort and style.  It’s fantastic.

I’ve finally arrived at the destination I was fantasizing about a month ago.  I didn’t really notice it happening, but we LIVE here now.

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