Double translation

One thing I run into a lot is what I call the “double translation” problem — so often, even people who are helping me out by communicating with me in English don’t understand me, because most people abroad who speak English learn “British English” not “American English.  So, I wnated to provide a list of commonly misunderstood phrases in American English and their counterparts in British English — you’ll have more success using the British terms.

diapers = nappies

elevator = lift

crib/pack & play = cot (baby cot)

More to come!

4 thoughts on “Double translation

  1. Just wandered here after pumpkin-envy. A few more:

    Arugula = Rocket (actually got a kid to eat it after this renaming!)
    Zucchini = Courgette
    Baked Potato = Jacket potato
    French Fries = Chips
    Chips = Crisps
    Acetaminophen = Paracetamol
    Back yard = Garden
    Jabs = shots / injections

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